It is a busy day when my baby sister steps into my office. She has a question. I’m on deadline. I start postponing listening to her. Then I notice the crestfallen look on her face. It hits me. At the very least I could listen to her request and so…

_*Hope For The Holidays*_

It doesn’t matter how rough the year was
We always come back to here.
To those who are the most dear to us,
Those who stood with me through the year.
I asked for you to trust me,
You did it without a pause.
That one act is more "Christmas"
Than the jolliest Santa Claus.
When things got rough, you stuck with us.
You never let go of the rope.
That’s the real meaning of Christmas—
A season of kindness and hope.
Wherever this road is taking us,
Together we go without fear.
Because thanks to you, and all that you do,
It’s a happy Christmas and New Year


Lord I thank you for
All of my blessings
And helping me
Get over my depressions
I lift up my hands
And say thank you God

I prayed to God for a blessing
Hoping He would get the message

At 1st I thought
He wasn't interested
We always overthink
When we're desperate

Little did I know
That he had a plan
I was impatient
I didn't understand

Until the showers stared pouring
And I started touring
Appearing on screens
Getting serious cakes

I tell my youngies
I'm a testimony of the same
God is working in mysterious ways

Getting love from the rest
I should always
Strive for the best

And so I lift up my hands
And say, Jesus thank you!


With these type of forces
It's the greatest writer
None can ever compare
To what he owes for us

These meagre novelist ain't ready for me
I destroy every challenge
With an incredible response

A true showstopper
Who else do you know
That can flow in any weather
And do it…


Some people brag of friends,
Some brag of siblings,
Some exalt their colleagues,
But none can have such a bestie,
A perfect one like none.

Delex is my golden bestie,
A friend more than a relative,
Too kind to me at all times,
Even when everyone is against me,
She always…

What’s most attractive about you?
Zodiac signs are, sometimes, surprisingly accurate. Even if you find the whole concept of Zodiac signs a bit weird, you have to admit that you’ve been shocked (at least once) by how much you could relate to whatever is written. From determining your overall demeanor to…

Truly Steve

The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen

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